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There are many people who are ready to buy life size TPE sex dolls will ask, is it worth buying the very cheap TPE dolls that appear in the sex doll market? Are there really good quality cheap TPE sex dolls at good prices?

First of all, yes, there are inexpensive dolls and they are well worth buying! For example, under 1000usd sex doll, special sale sex doll, normal TPE love dolls in the sex doll market are priced at $700-$3000, the difference in the process of each brand leads to different quality dolls at the same price point!

When buying cheap sex dolls you need to pay attention to the following issues.

1.The physical deviation of the actual doll.

2.Legitimate sellers will provide actual pictures of sex dolls to determine the effect, uxdoll will receive the customers confirm then arrange shipment.

3.The size error problem of the physical doll, the size of the sex doll will be in a small error, but there will not be a very large error, such as 140cm sex doll, will not become 148cm sex doll.

4.Physical doll delivery return problem.

Physical dolls are generally custom-made, after the order is not allowed to return or exchange, so be sure to pay attention before buying a premium TPE sex doll online. All sex doll sellers will use privacy packaging, no one knows what is inside.

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