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Posted By admin on 05/17/11 - Bookmark Bailey Knox


Some of my favorite times with girlfriends and friends with benefits from the past happened in showers and bubble baths. So seeing Bailey Knox in the bathtub brings back a lot of good times!

One of the girls that was more of a friend with benefits used to have me…


Watch her take a bath while I masturbated. She didn’t masturbate and thought it was so strange that somebody would find her hot enough to do it while she was "just taking a bath."

That is probably where I developed a fascination for watching girls shave their beavers too…


The first time I watched her (and she watched me) she was wearing a bubble bra. Basically that is what you call it when a girl covers her nipples with bubbles. This girl was smart so I think in a scientific way it made sense to her. Could he cum without seeing my nipples, pussy or ass?

Answer: Hell yeah!


On the next occasion I thought I’d finally get to see her boobs, nipples and all. Nope! This time she wore a bubble bikini! It didn’t matter. Now I got to see a lot more skin and blew my load even quicker than last time!


On our third date, if you can call it that, she gave me a good reason to become an ass worshipper. I really yanked my cranked on that day. She bent over a bit and shook it for me!


She also got on all fours and acted like I was pumping her from behind. My cum almost (accidentally) hit her in the face!


Eventually she let me see her entire naked body. The strange part is that I actually preferred her covered up body! It left more to the imagination. Not that her naked body was ugly or anything…

One day I actually got her to masturbate for me… Well sort of. I told her to lie flat on her back and lift her legs up. Then I pushed her under the water faucet and the warm stream hit her clit. She resisted a little saying she didn’t want to masturbate, but I just told her to close her eyes and pretend it was me licking her clit.

For reinforcement I rubbed her nipples and her inner thighs like I did when I was down on her. She smiled and closed her eyes and let the good times roll. After that day she wanted to pretend more and more often!

Bailey Knox does live cam shows and you never know where she is going to be when the camera goes on. Sometimes she is in her bed, other times she is in her kitchen and once in a while she is in the tub! On those nights I go private and watch her enjoy my tongue while I jack off. Just like the old days!

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1 Comment

  1. Want to FUCK her so badly!!

    Comment by Curtis — June 15, 2011 @ 7:17 pm

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